Welcome to the UK Association for the History of Nursing (UKAHN)

The Association is autonomous and self-governing, and a constituent member of the European Association for the History of Nursing (EAHN). The membership comprises individuals who are historians of nursing.

As well as information about the association you fill find other resources on the site to help researchers and others, interested in the history of nursing.


LATEST BLOG: What connects free school meals and pauper nurses?: Find out here in our latest blogPauper nursing: a positive inducement to pauperism‘, From Dr Sue Hawkins.

We are very pleased to announce our call for papers for the 23rd UK Association for the History of Nursing Research Colloquium, Tuesday 29th June 2021, at the Friends Meeting House, Chichester, UK: 9.30am – 5pm.

We hope that this will be a celebration of a post-Covid time, or at least a Covid -secure one. But if not, we will find a virtual alternative.

Wednesday, 25th November 2020 at 17.15 GMT (London time). 

The University of Huddersfield’s new Centre for History, Culture and Memory is delighted to invite you to a lecture by Dr Wendy Ugolini (Senior Lecturer in British History at the University of Edinburgh) entitled: ‘Excavating Lost Identities: English Welsh Duality and the Two World Wars’

To join this free event, please check out our Eventbrite It will be held over Zoom  

PUBLISHING OPPORTUNITIES FOR NURSING HISTORY RESEARCH: Our blog outlines an exciting call for contributions for the UKAHN Bulletin and EAHN Journals. Completed research, work in progress, biographies and book reviews are all welcome.