Welcome to the UK Association for the History of Nursing (UKAHN)

The Association is autonomous and self-governing, and a constituent member of the European Association for the History of Nursing (EAHN). The membership comprises individuals who are historians of nursing.

As well as information about the association you fill find other resources on the site to help researchers and others, interested in the history of nursing.



UKAHN Bulletin 2021

The 2021 issue of the UKHAN Bulletin will break new ground this year. For the first time we will focus the history of nurses from Black, Asian and other ethnic communities. The issue will pull together a collection of articles from around the world which discuss the experiences of nurses from such communities in an historical context, particularly in a colonial/post-colonial context. It will include a mix of already published and new work, full length articles and shorter articles on work in progress and book reviews. Just as importantly, the issue will focus on work produced by authors from these same backgrounds, offering a platform to authors whose work is underrepresented. The result will be a significant collection for writers and researchers both familiar with and new to the field.

Karen Flynn (Associate Professor in the Departments of Gender and Women’s Studies and African-American Studies at University of Illinois), who has written about the history of Black women and healthcare in several contexts, will guest edit the issue.

If you would like to contribute to the issue there is still time to submit a proposal, either for a work already published or a new piece. You can find guidelines for publishing in the Bulletin here: www.bulletin.ukahn.org.

If you would like to discuss ideas for an article contact Dr Sue Hawkins, the Editor, at: https://bulletin.ukahn.org/contact/

Deadlines for final submission are 30 April 2021 for long articles and 30 May 2021 for other types of submission.


‘People are curiously incredulous of a danger they cannot see’. In her blog,  Sarah Rogers [PhD student University of Huddersfield] expands on this quote, From Eva Luckes, Matron of the London over 100 years ago, which sums up the problem, then as now, of people’s inability to understand infection

Upcoming events:

The rich mix of on-line events continues throughout March. Here are a selection that may be of interest:  

The RCN has a great regular programme of events on line – they can all be accessed here:

For nursing history in particular check out the 25th March 18.00 -19.30  Dr Erin Spinney on Black Nurses, Enslaved Labour and the Royal Navy 1790-1820

Also from the RCN, The RCN Library and Archive has just launched Past Caring, a new podcast series about the history of nursing. Each episode takes inspiration from RCN Library and Archive exhibitions exploring topics such as women’s health, myths about nursing, and learning disability nursing.

Past Caring is available on most podcast platforms. Listen to the first episode on Soundcloud here or subscribe to the series on Apple Podcasts.

Cancellation: 23rd UK Association for the History of Nursing Research Colloquium, Tuesday 29th June 2021.

After much deliberation the UKAHN committee have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 colloquium, planned to take place in Chichester on June 29th, in the light  of the ongoing uncertainty about the course of the current pandemic.

We very much hope that the 2022 colloquium (planned for the summer  but with the date to be confirmed) will go ahead. It will be held in Manchester. Details will be posted on this website, Twitter and Mailchimp.