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I am now writing up my thesis on the Mental Health of the British in Colonial India, 1900-47. I have twice visited the Central Institute of Psychiatry in Ranchi, northern India, to look at their archives from the period when it was the European Mental Hospital from its foundation in 1918 until Independence in 1947. I have included a chapter on psychiatric nursing and I wished to present a discussion paper on this topic and learn from the expertise of professional historians of nursing.

My research proposed that there were numerous stressful factors which could lead to mental illness amongst the British in India. The climate was alien and often hostile, for many there was social and geographical isolation and there was the permanent fear amongst whites of another Great Rebellion or Indian Mutiny like the one in 1857-58. I have written about


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“Bads” in healthcare: Negative experience as an impetus to reform in nineteenth and twentieth centuries

European Conference of the Swiss Society of the History of Health and Nursing (GPG-HSS) in Cooperation with the European Association for the History of Nursing (EAHN) and the European Journal for Nursing History, Theory and Ethics (ENHE)

21st and 22nd of June 2018 at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), School of Health, Winterthur (Switzerland).

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