Colloquium 2019

The Friends’ Meeting House, Cirencester, United Kingdom


5th July 2019

The UK Association for the History of Nursing is hosted a one-day colloquium on 5th July, 2019, in collaboration with the European Association for the History of Nursing.  The theme was ‘Histories of Humanitarian Nursing’.


Kate Docking: The varying actions of nurses in Ravensbrück concentration camp, 1939-1945.
Olga Travesset-Rey, Gloria Gallegos-Caminero, Carme Torres-Penella, Anna Ramiro-Jofre: Humanitarianism, Nursing and the Spanish Civil War (GCE).
Lea M. Williams: Nursing the Community in the Work and Writings of Ellen N. La Motte
Amanda Gwinnup: Nurses in Need of Care: British Nurses of the First World War and Their Dealings with the Ministry of Pensions
Prof. Janet Hargreaves: Death beautiful as sleep, death as ghastly as could be’: Molly Murphy in Spain and London.
Teresa Doherty: brief comment on poster session and relevance to DNB.
Keynote paper: Dr Susan Armstrong-Reid: “Rice Paddy Diplomacy, ‘Behead and Cure’:The Ethics of Civilian Nursing in the Vietnam War
Frances Cadd: Emissary Nurses? Avis Hutt: An Industrial Nurse’s Perspective on Chinese Health and Industry in 1955
Dr Barbra Mann Wall: Catholic Missionaries, Health Care and Conflict
Dr Carol Acton: ‘This is the nearest to Hell I have yet been’: constructing the nurse identity in the early months of the First World War
Prof. Alannah Tomkins: Waterloo, Brussels, and developments in humanitarian nursing.

Venue and Location

Cirencester Friends Meeting House

The Colloquium was held at the Friends’ Meeting House, Cirencester, UK.  Cirencester is a small English country town with a history dating back to Roman times.  It has many historic tourist attractions, including a Roman Amphitheatre, and several beautifully-preserved medieval buildings, including the remains of a twelfth century hospital.